Hybrid Cloud using Azure

One of our Azure DevOps Engineers is currently working on a project to implement a Hybrid Cloud solution using Azure for the public cloud solution. Following is an overview of the solution…

Using AGILE methodology we are doing PI planning with five sprints. Each sprint is two weeks long which contains multiple user stories, which we created as part of the rally. We estimate two and a half months to execute all the five sprints. We are using rally for maintaining our day-to-day activities and the task.

There is also a .NET project stream running in parallel. There are multiple developers from different project teams, currently they are executing the build manually from their own physical machine, which is a physical virtual machine. The main goal is to Dockerize those physical servers. We are working on the Windows based image, we have taken some windows based image, it’s related to the windows 20H2 as a base image on Azure DevOps. And our goal is to create a containerized application for windows.

In order to do this, we need to list out all the dependencies that we need to execute manually on Azure cloud virtual machine, executing using some TerraForm scripts through Azure pipelines to the virtual machine and from there, we are manually instal the agent by producing the documentation for IFW project and the image viewer pipeline. When we have listed down all the dependencies required to this task, we are able to create the Docker file.

The Kubernetes has also come into the picture, but is not dependent on this task.

This Kubernetes is maintaining some clusters. We already have some multiple clusters, and our team maintains those clusters, once when we have the requirements from the developer. So we create/deploy multiple clusters in kubernetes on lower, pre prod and prod environments and, this is how our architecture is defined. We have some Helm charts, where basically have all the services which are available on the Kubernetes. On top of this, we will be executing those things through Helm charts, templates. So that’s how they define it and so I am working in all these areas.

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