About Us

Started in 2006, we are a specialist IT company expert in delivering complex solutions that are beyond the standard expertise of most organisations IT workforce.

Our team of Network Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, DevOps Engineers and Development Specialists are of the highest calibre. They are used to working at the top end of their skill sets and this coupled with a vast amount of experience affords them the realism and maturity needed to provide a first-class service.

We know that our success is down to our team, and we make no excuse employing exacting standards in our recruitment process.  Not only do we look for a high level of skill and experience we also demand a high level of determination and resilience that we believe is necessary to successfully meet our exacting demands.

So, whatever the challenge we have no doubt that we will provide an excellent service no matter the technology required.

Every successful change or implementation needs to have well executed and managed processes.  We more than meet these requirements by having a vastly experienced support and PM team to support our engineers.  Thereby we are very confident in our ability to:

  • Deliver to specification
  • Deliver on time
  • Deliver at the correct cost

Take a little time to look at some of the current projects we are working and also please have a look at our case studies and you will see what we do.

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What People Say

Unitedgrids has been key to the success of SDWAN POCs and Pilots for our major customers. The team adapted well to the Orange environment and always went the extra mile and putting the customer first

I had the pleasure of working with Unitedgrids in a very large and complex project (700+sites, different connectivity solutions, technology readiness not fully available, etc.) I was always amazed at the depth of their technical knowledge and ability to deliver.

Not only do Unitedgrids provide excellent technical expertise their skills in moving a concept through a program life cycle to a successful conclusion are superb.

Let’s build something together.