What we do

Every organisation states that they have a vision, values, a mission statement, ok fine, that is standard practice and has become the thing to say. There is nothing wrong with stating those things however, it is easy to talk the talk, especially when it comes to the complex world of IT data and voice networking, but what about walking the walk?

So what is so different about Unitedgrids? Well it’s simple, we are able to walk the walk, and in terms of IT data and voice networking, that is what we do.

How can we be so sure? Because we are networking specialists with a team of top class engineers who not only hold the top qualifications available, they also have years of experience at the front end of networking technologies, from conception of an idea to proving it to designing it, to implementing it and then handing it over to clients so it can be fully managed by them.

How did we get here, will it started with our founder, Haresh Rane, a highly regarded network specialist, who is regularly invited to speak on his areas of expertise by recognised organisations including the Harvard Club of Boston.

His operational leadership and standing have enabled us to recruit the best networking engineers and build a team that has put us at the forefront of the latest network technologies, providing business changing networking solutions that help our clients to progress their businesses.

Have look at what we are doing now and some of the work we have completed in the past.

What we are doing now.

Case studies.