Infrastructure – MS Intune

Our client is the largest UK specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions. The clients IT Business Change Team have embarked on a number of IT projects that will enable their IT operation to be more cloud based.  One of the projects is to improve remote and mobile access control by implementing MS Intune.  MS Intune is a cloud-based service which is part of the MS Enterprise Mobility and Security suite (EMS) that integrates with Azure AD.  Ms Intune focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).

Unitedgrids has been engaged to provide the infrastructure technical expertise to establish the configuration and deployment requirements and then implement MS InTune.

The work we are doing involves a great deal of investigation into the behaviour of legacy applications with the cliencurrent desktop OS, Windows 7, which has very limited support from Microsoft. In addition, configuration of the AD and associated policies all needs to be reviewed and changed to allow them to work in dispersed data network. 

Initially the project scope has been broken down into two main objective tasks.

·       Project Requirements which will include several subtasks to address the AD state, Access, data transfer and decommissioning work.

·       The MS Intune Improvement Plan, to deliver the MS Intune application to the business.

The following details the phases of the project:

Phase 1: Groups and Licensing

• Assign the  users with appropriate Licensing
• Add Necessary Groups for Policy Assignment
• Configure Device Autoenrollment

Phase 2: Policy and Profile Creation

• Configured Device Polices for below platform
• iOS
• Android
• Windows
• Create Device Profile

Phase 3: Add Apps

• Add the  Applications on company Google and Apple store

Phase 4: Configuring Enrolment

• Configured Apple Enrolment
• Configured Android Enrolment
• Configured Windows Enrolment

Phase 5: Enroll Devices

• Enroll Devices: Windows
• Enroll Devices: iOS and Android

Phase 6: Deployment

• Applied the policy and profiles to devices.
• Setup the MFA to use the cloud applications