Typical Day – Automation Tester

The following is a description, provided by one of our Automation Testers, of a typical day working for our client on a project to improve their online operation .

I am an Automation specialist working with at a client site for Unitedgrids for the last 7 months.  I am working on Agile methodology, so production release is planned on Sprint basis, each sprint lasts for 2 weeks. My day-to-day work depends on how much work I get assigned with each sprint.

In the day, I start with checking my emails and reviewing the smoke testing automation report which runs every day early morning UK time, with the help of CI/CD – Jenkins tool.

I will raise a defect in JIRA(Project management Tool) if there are any failures in the smoke testing report. Followed by a scrum meeting every morning, I will share my update of the work I’m doing on the day before and discuss the defects which I found.

Business plans some user stories on each sprint, I will get assigned with some user stories on every sprint. My daily work corresponds to the assigned Userstories. As an Automation specialist, I prepare the Automation scripts on Selenium-Java, Cucumber BDD tools. These tools are open source and widely used for  web automation testing. I execute the Automation scripts and make sure the functionality is working as expected. If anything does not work as expected, I will raise a defect in Jira and talk with the corresponding developer.

I also attend other scrum ceremonies like Retrospective call, where we discuss about the concerns on the previous sprint and improvements we would like to do on the coming sprint.

Refinement call, where we discuss upcoming user stories which businesses like to bring on coming sprints. It’s more about user stories level discussion.

These two calls do not happen every day, but it is planned on someday of each sprint.

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