What we are doing now

Haresh Rane

We take great pride in our work and our proud of our achievements. Through our continued commitment to improve our knowledge of new technologies we are able to ensure our customers receive the best solutions available.

Please take a look at our case studies as well, these will give you an insight into the depth of knowledge and experience we have in network technologies. Click here to go to our case studies.

We are always busy working at the top end of networking design, planning and implementation. Currently we are working on the the following projects;

Global Network Infrastructure

Our client has over 300 offices worldwide, stretching across Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.  As you can imagine the network infrastructure required for supporting such an enterprise is highly complex and diverse.  Our engineers our involved in the full life cycle of providing solutions to meet the clients requirements,  from solution research,  to POC, HLD, LLD, implementation and release to BAU support.  Over the past three years the technologies we have covered include, AZURE (Express Route), Netscaler (Global), ZScaler (Global) SIP Voice Trunks network (Europe), Palo Alto Firewall replacement program (Global). Data Centre implementations and relocations.  This is in addition to what our engineers would call standard WAN and LAN provisioning for both data and voice

Unified Communications for Microsoft Teams

Our client, a major international bank, has embarked on a program to implement MS Teams to all its 35,000 plus desktops worldwide.  This is a massive undertaking as the bank has a diverse portfolio that requires differing requirements for its functioning areas.  For instance, the wealth management areas require collaboration across a wide area of support functions including access to real time decision support systems provided from an open source environment.  The corporate services area requires access to systems supporting project finance, industrial & syndicated loans, leasing, foreign trade financing and other areas.   All of which need to be fully compliant with the regulatory authorities they are operating in.   To meet these demands requires a high level of understanding, skill and experience in network unified communications. Unitedgrids is providing this high level of networking expertise that is be able to work out the complexities of the SBC’s call routes, QOS, traffic management and security for both the data voice that will be presented via peer to peer voice, peer to peer video calling, conferencing and all the other features provided through MS Teams.


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